The DeathGrip.

Despair Knows No Mercy. image

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The Subtle Stones

You got me. You who are so wonderfully talented and thoroughly practiced in the art of deception. You are like a sniper in your attacks. Your vicious verbal assaults come in so subtlety and calmly. The smile on your face as you do it makes it seem as though you’re talking about your favorite movie or childhood memory. It enthralls you to watch me squirm under your barrage of insults as I crumble at your feet. The further I fall, the taller you stand. Enamored in your own greatness. The mightiness of your deviance and appearance of self control.
But I see you. I see your lip quiver. I see your deflection I see your self doubt awash your ashen face every time reality knocks upon your door.
Truth is never relative. Paint any picture you care to of how you would like life to be. You can not change who you truly are. Because the disdain I find in your destruction is nothing compared to the disdain you find in yourself.
Beat me down if you must
I will walk away.
But you, my dear, can not. You will forever be trapped in the confines of your own insanity.
Oh yes. I died that day tell me again how they restarted my heart three times. Tell me of your greatness in spending countless hours waiting for ….. What …
Oh yes. Truth is never relative is it !!
Tell me it didn’t cross your mind
Oh the freedom
But no. That’s not possible. Because there in lies the problem.
You are responsible. And you will forever be bound to the consequences of your actions. If by no one else other than You !!
Trapped in your own insanity
So , by all means, throw your stones.
Because its not me your aiming at !!